Born in Borborema, São Paulo, Marco Alves graduated in electrical engineering and is a professor at Unicamp in Campinas, where he lives.

Freelance photographer, Alves has focused on nature photography and has been developing an in-depth essay in Serra da Canastra since 2005.

Artist's Statement

In my work, there is a strong impulse towards seeking simplicity, as a way of harmonizing light, time and space.

The valuable experience of being in communion with nature is an invitation to see , in many ways, the world around us more deeply.

The eye reaches out and touches the feelings, and the images that inspire me are poetic combinations that produce fragments of nature.

The landscapes are fragmented, with the purpose of uncovering the real and the imaginary, where the images are intended to circumscribe reality within a vision endowed with reflective transparency.


Serra da Canastra